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JESUN: Your Trusted Partner For Pet Cleaning Tools

JESUN is a developing pet cleaning tool manufacturing house where quality meets innovative designs. we provide quality goods for all pet care demands of your clients at great prices and uniqueness.

We have a professional customer service team that is working for you to enable you to choose the best line of goods for your business.

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Best Tool Selection for Beautiful Pet

We aim to design and manufacture state-of-the-art pet grooming kits that you can easily sell to all customers and meet their requirements

Explore our list of pet cleaning tools that follow commercial and residential guidelines with a safe manufacturing process and convenient design. From pet hair brooms to the best dust mops for pet hair, from dog grooming vacuums to the best lint roller for pet hair, JESUN has every product to keep your pets well-groomed and your homes clean.

What Makes JESUN Pet Cleaning Tools Outstanding?

Safe Pet Bath Towel


JESUN pet cleaning products are made from safe and eco-friendly materials, such as PVC, chlorine-free bleached paper, water-soluble adhesives, and more. These products have passed strict international standards, such as CE and MSDS, ensuring they are harmless for pets and humans alike.


JESUN pet tools are designed to make pet grooming and cleaning fast and easy for your customers. They can help your clients spend less time and energy cleaning their pet’s hair, claws, dental issues, etc. keeping their surroundings clean and free of pet hair and odors.

With the JESUN lint roller, your customers can enjoy a hassle-free and hair-free environment in no time.


Various Options

JESUN pet grooming tool kit is a comprehensive set of tools that can cater to different grooming needs and preferences.

It includes components for fur care, such as a knot remover, a high-density round needle comb, a flat nozzle vacuum, and an electrostatic hair removal brush. These tools can effectively remove dust, dirt, and floating hair from the pet’s coat, leaving it soft and fluffy.

Cost Effective

Not only do JESUN pet cleaning products deliver unparalleled quality and results, but they also boast affordability and cost-efficiency. With competitive pricing, these products are guaranteed to save you a considerable amount of budget compared to other cleaning solutions.

Lint Roller with good price

JESUN Helps You Create Your Own Customized Product

JESUN understands that your brand has its vision and needs. That’s why JESUN offers customized, innovative solutions that can turn your concept into a unique product. JESUN puts customization at the core of its service. You can choose from different aspects of your product, such as:

Customized Design

You can choose your product's shape, size, color, and style. They should align with your brand's image­ and attract your customers.

Exclusive Features

You may include additional functions and characteristics that will boost a product’s efficiency and overall performance.

Branding with Impact

Having your logo, name, slogan, or message imprinted on your product makes it last in people's minds, also making them aware of who made it.

Collaborative Creation
JESUN works with you to create your product

JESUN considers your ideas, and views and factors them into the product development plan.
Through JESUN, you can be confident that your product is made using the most stringent quality and safety requirements.


Can I customize the packaging for bulk orders?

Yes, we offer customizable packaging options for bulk orders. Custom branding and design are also available for brand owners.

Can I request specific modifications or improvements to existing product designs?

Absolutely! We accept requests for modifications or improvements to existing product designs. Our expert team collaborates closely with wholesalers to meet their unique requirements. Contact us for further inquiries.

Do you offer private labeling services for cleaning tools?

Yes, we provide private labeling services for cleaning products to upgrade your brand. These customized labels, with your brand logo and information, will create a distinct market presence.

Do you provide marketing materials or support for resellers?

Yes, marketing materials and support are available for our resellers.

How long is the lead time after placing the order?

Usually, it takes 30-35 days after the sample is confirmed. Moreover, if your order needs urgent delivery, we offer various shipping options with different price ranges for expedited shipping to the destination port.

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