Top-Quality Mop

JESUN is recognized as a leading manufacturer specializing in innovative and durable cleaning mops. Further, we customize for commercial and residential cleaning needs.

JESUN prides itself on a robust manufacturing capability designed for catering to bulk orders.

Our extensive range of high-quality products includes a diverse selection, from sponge mops to spray mops. All the mops are precisely designed to meet various needs from dry cleaning to wet cleaning.

Mop Product Catalog

JESUN aims to provide wholesalers with a competitive edge through devotion to innovation and customer contentment.

Our cleaning mops are adapted to promote cleaning standards across various industries. Hence, these mops undergo accurate quality checks to meet industry benchmarks, making them ideal for commercial and residential applications. Look no further and have a glance at our impressive product catalog.

What Sets JESUN Mops Apart?

Unparalleled Cleaning Efficacy

Firstly, what sets JESUN mop apart is its innovative engineering. Interestingly, it involves a unique blend of three different materials; microfiber, sponge, and cotton.

Hence, each material has a specific purpose that caters to the specific needs of your customers. In addition, it provides exceptional performance and efficiency for commercial use.

Sponge Mop Heads

Sponge mops have a strong decontamination ability that allows for quickly scrubbing stains and absorbing spills from the floor. They are usually paired with a wringing device and are particularly suitable for cleaning scenes such as toilets and kitchens.

Cotton Refills

JESUN blends cotton into mop head variants for its robust ability to capture dust. Using a cotton mop head allows users to swiftly capture and retain dust particles when cleaning floors.

Microfiber Mop Heads

Microfiber heads have densely packed and stain-grabbing fibers, and excel at picking up stains and grime. Whether your customers require them for home or commercial use, they are an excellent choice for a variety of cleaning needs.

Diverse Range of Options

Being your trusted partner as a wholesale cleaning tools supplier, JESUN offers many mop variants. Hence, each mop design is curated according to your customer’s choice.

For example, microfiber mop pads are made up of tiny fibers to more effectively clean dirt particles in all nooks and crannies. Sponge mops have a strong decontamination ability and work quickly to clear up stains and tough spills on hard floors.

No matter what kind of mop you need, JESUN can always manufacture a product with advanced design and consistent quality for your brand.

Space-Efficient and User-Friendly Design

JESUN’s reflective approach represents a commitment to meeting your client’s needs through space-efficient and user-friendly mop designs, providing robust cleaning tools, and offering appropriate storage solutions.

For instance, mops that have buckets can easily incorporate folding or far-off functions to optimize storage space. Besides, multi-angle rotation and efficient water-draining buckets enhance the cleaning process’s efficiency for your customers.

These inventive mop designs optimize storage space and allow customers to fold or disassemble components. Thus, it ensures hassle-free storage in compact spaces.

Exemplary Durability and Quality

Quality is at the core of JESUN manufacturing philosophy. To specify this, cotton mop heads last around 15-30 washes, while JESUN microfiber mop heads tolerate 400 washes.

Alongside mop head quality, a careful selection of mop stick materials also matters. For instance, options like iron, aluminum, or stainless steel offer a perfect blend of durability and cost-effectiveness.

In addition, our ongoing testing, customers’ continuous feedback twists, and dedication to sustainable practices also further strengthen JESUN’s product quality standard.

JESUN Customized MOP Includes

Selection of Mop Material

Our diverse range of mop materials enables you to choose what's more popular among your customers. Whether you choose a microfiber or sponge mop, our wavering devotion will always create an unparalleled quality.

Choosing Specific Designs

No matter how well-equipped a mop is, the right design can empower your brand to the next level. Therefore, at JESUN, you can select designs according to your brand value and customers' preferences.

Logo Design

Our top priority is to ensure our products smoothly resonate with your brand's values. Further, to emphasize customization, we extend our offer to brand our mops with your unique logo or design.

Packaging Preference

We are dedicated to providing plenty of packaging options. While considering environmental sustainability, JESUN offers these options.

  • Customized
  • Conventional Container Method
  • Private Label Option
  • Bulk Packaging

Let Our Flexible
Customization Guide You

Aspiring to transform concepts into complete products, JESUN also offers customized, innovative product proposals for your business.


What is the mop minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Our mop MOQ for mailbox orders is 1000 units. However, for products in stock, the MOQ is 100 units. Please contact us to inquire about the specific mop Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

What mop customization services do JESUN offer?

We provide customization services for color, packaging, size, material, and branding. We can tailor our products to meet your specific requirements.

What types of mops do you offer?

We offer a variety of mop types including spin mop, spray mop, flat mop, squeeze mop, twist mop, and sponge mop.

How can I get the quotation?

Please leave your accurate information at the bottom of the website. We will provide a quotation within 12 hours of receiving your inquiry. Kindly pay attention to your email.

What makes JESUN unique compared to other manufacturers?
  • We offer DDP services for our customers
  • We have warehouses in the United States and Indonesia
  • We have the following certifications: ISO9001,BSCI,ISO140001,OHSAS18001,GRS,ROHS
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