The Finest Quality Broom Manufacturer For Wholesalers

Are you on the lookout for a reliable cleaning supplies manufacturer to elevate your product offerings? JESUN provides an exceptional range of brooms tailored for your wholesale businesses.

Our commitment to providing quality brooms has been steadfast for 38 years to cater to various commercial and residential needs, making us a trusted name in the market. As a leading broom manufacturer, our comprehensive range of high-quality products is designed to cater to various commercial and residential needs.

Whether you are a brand, agent, dealer, wholesaler, or dropshipper, JESUN can provide a variety of high-quality brooms for your business.

JESUN Broom Collection: Excellence in Every Sweep

Explore our superior collection of brooms with quality that meets the standards of commercial and residential cleaning. From regular brooms to customized brooms crafted for your brand, explore a range that goes beyond cleaning.

What Makes JESUN Brooms Stand Out
For Your Wholesale Business?


JESUN broom and dustpan offer adaptability and ensure seamless functionality for dynamic cleaning requirements. Engineered with precision, our brooms and metal dustpan effortlessly transition between indoor and outdoor use, catering to a wide range of cleaning needs.

JESUN stands as the ideal choice for brands, agents, dealers, wholesalers, and drop shippers in search of exceptional cleaning tools. Elevate your product lineup with our brooms, a premium selection that offers quality and functionality.


JESUN upright brooms emerge as pioneers of convenience ensuring a seamless cleaning experience. The generous width of our broom heads guarantees a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

With high-density bristles – thick, smooth, and exceptionally elastic, our brooms remain unyielding, delivering a powerful sweeping ability that makes light work of any cleaning task.


Efficient Use of Space

At JESUN, we recognize the value of space efficiency in every aspect of your cleaning routine.

We redefine our brooms as “solutions” designed to make life easier for customers. Featuring hanging holes, a foldable dustpan and brush, and multiple detachable components, JESUN Brooms are engineered for easy daily storage.

How to Create Customized Product with JESUN

JESUN recognizes the importance of accommodating diverse customer preferences and needs. The utilization of brooms may differ based on individual customers and the specific cleaning tasks at hand.

As a result, JESUN provides innovative options for customized cleaning brooms, enabling you to appeal to a wider range of customers. From size and concept to production, our solutions can be customized to suit various cleaning requirements and situations.


Begin your journey by sharing your vision with our expert team.

We understand that every brand has a unique identity, and our goal is to translate that into a tangible concept for your broom and dustpan products.

Collaborative Design

Once the concept is defined, our design experts work hand-in-hand with you to bring it to life.

Collaborative design sessions ensure that every detail aligns with your brand's aesthetics and functional requirements.

Prototype and Feedback

JESUN believes in transparency and client involvement.

We provide prototypes for your evaluation, to ensure that the prototype aligns perfectly with your expectations. 

Production and Delivery

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide precise manufacturing while maintaining quality control.

Once crafted, your products will be ready for delivery, empowering your brand with a standout product line.

Create Customized
Brooms For Your Brand with JESUN

JESUN invite brands, dealers, and wholesalers to create their own signature cleaning tools and push brooms.
Let’s join hands and ensure that your brand stands out in the competitive market of cleaning supplies.


What is the broom minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Our broom MOQ for mailbox orders is 1500 units. EVA broom mailbox is 500 units. However, for products in stock, the MOQ is 100 units. Please contact us to inquire about the specific broom MOQ.

What broom customization services do JESUN offer?

We provide customization services for color, packaging, size, material, and branding. We can tailor our products to meet your specific requirements.

Will the broom bristle prone to shedding? Can it sweep up fine dust into the dustpan?

We imported Belgian bristle planting machines, ensuring multiple layers of bristles that are firmly attached and resistant to shedding.

How can I get the quotation?

Please leave your accurate information at the bottom of the website. We will provide a quotation within 12 hours upon receiving your inquiry. Kindly pay attention to your email.

What makes JESUN unique compared to other manufacturers?
  • We offer DDP services for our customers
  • We have warehouses in the United States and Indonesia
  • We have the following certifications: ISO9001,BSCI,ISO140001,OHSAS18001,GRS,ROHS
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