Wipe Away The Competition
With JESUN Squeegees

If you want to dominate the wholesale market and help customers find the best floor cleaning tools, look no further than our Squeegees.

As a manufacturer of cleaning tools and equipment since 1989, we believe that cleaning supplies aren’t just products but a commitment to customer satisfaction.

To fulfill this commitment, we offer a wide range of squeegees. From shower squeegees to window and floor squeegees, we proudly manufacture everything for your customers.

Quality Squeegees For Your Business

We have a range of high-quality squeegees for home and commercial spaces. From floor and window squeegees to shower gates and squeegee brooms, we provide a diverse range that caters to every aspect of cleanliness for your customers.

To make cleaning simpler and easier, we’ve also added 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 squeegees to our collections. Not only do they simplify the cleaning process, but they also serve multiple purposes, such as water spraying, collecting, and facilitating cleaning from both the reverse and front blades.

What Makes JESUN Squeegees Outstanding?

Effortless Cleaning

Our squeegees are best for cleaning windows, shower doors, floors, and every corner of the home. They’re designed with TPR material featuring rubber and thermoplastic properties together. This fantastic combination ensures flexibility in squeegees that make navigation effortless and help clean the corners of doors and windows in a breeze.

Besides flexibility, the soft and non-abrasive nature of our cleaning tools promises a safe solution. The squeegees won’t cause any harm to the glass marble or ceramic surface, making customers happy and satisfied with the performance.


The convenience of your customers is our top priority. To provide a hassle-free experience, our squeegees are designed to make cleaning tasks easy with minimal effort.

The rotatable heads and adjustable handles of squeegees ensure easy maneuvering. They offer adjustable cleaning angles and heights according to the needs.

The ergonomic design of squeegees offers a good grip without making hands uncomfortable. All of these features will make cleaning fast and fun.


Our squeegees aren’t limited to the floors. We have a wide range of squeegees for multiple purposes; whether it’s the dirty mirror, window, or shower door, we’ve covered everything for customers.

We also offer multipurpose squeegees which are built to solve all problems of households and commercial settings. They can be used to collect dirty water, and clean every inch of the house, saving money and space.

Customization With JESUN, Create Your Product

If you’re interested in customizing cleaning products or transforming your ideas of cleaning tools into reality, our team of experts is here for it.

JESUN values the uniqueness of your ideas and the competence of our team. From picking the right material for squeegees to designing the perfect packaging and overall look, and adding functions we’ll customize every detail according to your requirements.


We don't just manufacture cleaning products; we tailor them according to your needs. You can choose from a variety of materials for the squeegee's body and the blade – whether it's rubber, silicon, EVA sponge, or anything that suits your preferences and requirements.


While working with us, you don't have to worry about the design.

We'll manufacture squeegees exactly as you want them – the handle size, blade angles, and color, ensuring everything will complement your vision.


We'll add all the features as per your ideas. Let our team know what kind of squeegee you want.

Be it a single or double-blade or if you'd like to add additional features like spraying water, collecting water, or removable microfiber cloth, etc. JESUN makes them all come true.


We understand the importance of presentations, and to make sure your product stands out in the market, we offer customization in packaging.

Share your ideas with us, the logo you want, how you want the squeegees packed, and our team will make it happen.

Experience the JESUN Customization

Let’s create squeegees that are exclusively tailored to your ideas and the needs of your customers.


What is the squeegee minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Our MOQ for custom orders is 1000 units. However, for products in stock, the MOQ is 100 units. Please contact us to inquire about the specific squeegee Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

What factors determine the price of your products?

The price of our products varies based on the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and the material used. Different MOQs and materials have different pricing structures.

Will the squeegee leave water streaks? Is it easy to clean?

We offer handheld and long-handled squeegees that are designed to prevent water streaks and are suitable for external glass surfaces. We have different options available based on customer requirements.

How long is the production cycle?

After the sample is confirmed, it typically takes 30-35 days to complete the production cycle.

What makes JESUN unique compared to other manufacturers?
  • We offer DDP services for our customers
  • We have warehouses in the United States and Indonesia
  • We have the following certifications: ISO9001,BSCI,ISO140001,OHSAS18001,GRS,ROHS
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