Wipe Away The Competition With JESUN Sweeper

If you want to dominate the wholesale market and help customers find the best floor cleaning tools, look no further than our Squeegees.

As a manufacturer of cleaning tools and equipment since 1989, we believe that cleaning supplies aren’t just products but a commitment to customer satisfaction.

To fulfill this commitment, we offer a wide range of squeegees. From shower squeegees to window and floor squeegees, we proudly manufacture everything for your customers.

JESUN wholesale sweeper

Sweep Rubbish Quickly One Time

Explore our collection of floor sweeper machines, hardwood floor sweepers, and commercial floor sweepers for all kinds of residential and commercial sweeping.

The iron frame ones can withstand more rigorous use, which is for ideal. heavy-duty cleaning tasks. The plastic frame offers a more economical solution without compromising on functionality.

What Makes JESUN Sweeper Outstanding?


JESUN sweepers are thoughtfully crafted for various usage scenarios. Featuring an efficient rotating sweeping brush effectively clears debris and dirt.

Additionally, a user-friendly dust collection box makes the cleaning process hassle-free and convenient. Flexible wheels can easily navigate various surfaces, ensuring smooth and effortless operation.

Thoughtful design simplifies usage and maintenance for end-users. This results in fewer product returns and improves your customers‘ satisfaction, thereby making you more competitive in the market.


JESUN sweepers are made using environmentally friendly materials such as PP, TPR, and recycled material. Beyond their cost-effectiveness, we actively reduce plastic waste and promote responsible sourcing practices while providing an efficient cleaning solution.

Our use of environmentally friendly materials actively contributes to environmental sustainability while ensuring the effectiveness and durability of our products. By choosing our sweepers, you can be confident that you are not only investing in an efficient cleaning solution but also supporting eco-initiatives.


JESUN sweepers are thoughtfully designed for easy disassembly, incorporating various components that prioritize compactness and lightweight features.

By allowing for quick and convenient access to individual components, our sweepers simplify the process of replacing worn-out parts or conducting routine maintenance tasks. This not only reduces downtime but also lowers maintenance costs.

With sweeper heads detachable from poles, more units fit per pallet, allowing you to realize cost savings on inbound and outbound freight without compromising quality.

Have a Cleaning Product Idea? Let's build it together!

If you’ve been dreaming of transforming your concept idea into a tangible product? We are here to make it happen. We provide tailored, innovative solutions for your brand

Bespoke Brand Development

Gain dedicated consulting spanning logo creation to catalog design on capturing your unique value proposition for the breakout industry.

By establishing a strong and memorable brand presence, you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

Direct Trade Pricing

With our exclusive bulk order benefits, we empower our wholesale and dropshipping partners like you to enjoy significant cost savings.

By leveraging our direct trade pricing, you can improve your profit margins and enhance your competitive positioning in the market.

Flexible Order Quantities

With our low MOQ option, you have the flexibility to place orders in quantities that align with your business demands.

Whether you are a startup, a boutique retailer, or an online seller, our low MOQ offering enables you to test the market and manage inventory effectively.

Experience the JESUN Customization

Tell us about your product idea now and bring your branded product to life.


Can I customize the packaging for bulk orders?

Yes, we offer customizable packaging options for bulk orders. Custom branding and design are also available for brand owners.

Can I request specific modifications or improvements to existing product designs?

Absolutely! We accept requests for modifications or improvements to existing product designs. Our expert team collaborates closely with wholesalers to meet their unique requirements. Contact us for further inquiries.

Do you offer private labeling services for cleaning tools?

Yes, we provide private labeling services for cleaning products to upgrade your brand. These customized labels, with your brand logo and information, will create a distinct market presence.

Do you provide marketing materials or support for resellers?

Yes, marketing materials and support are available for our resellers.

How long is the lead time after placing the order?

Usually, it takes 30-35 days after the sample is confirmed. Moreover, if your order needs urgent delivery, we offer various shipping options with different price ranges for expedited shipping to the destination port.

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