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For 38 years, we’ve been committing to making perfect mops.
Holding over 400 patents, we keep the highest record in the cleaning tool industry.
With creative design, we will continue to launch new products and lead the industry.
IDEA Bronze Award
From wild ideas to mature products, we always act swiftly.
Research & Design
Fulfill the Varies Of Cleaning Needs
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In-house Development and Production
To achieve perfect clean results, it requires a rather complex process to produce cleaning tools from steel strips or aluminum ingots.
No matter it is a steel strap,an aluminum ingot or a pipe, a microfiber/cotton fabric or a mop pad, a tiny plastic pellet or an injection molded part, we have achieved their in-house development and production in all of our 9+1( Oversea factory) factories.
With the highest productivity in the industry, JESUN is the world's leading clean tool manufacturer.
Concept To Product,
We Accelerate Realization.
  • Scenes
  • Functions
  • Structure
  • Material
  • Cost
  • Other design
Customize Your Ideas
Full Range Of International Service
  • Market Analysis
    With 38 years of business experience in over 100 countries, we help analyze market conditions, competitors’ products and also provide valuable advice on marketing and sales.
  • Product Selection Program
    According to our market analysis, we would provide selection solutions that are matched to the local market, enhancing the value and sales of your brand.
  • Competitive Quotation
    With the edge of factories and techniques, Jesun is capable of making competitive offers.
  • Large Capacity and High Quality
    With the world's largest production scale and the most strict quality control system Jesun can provide DDP service- we deliver the goods directly to the warehouse door of the destination country.
  • Door To Door Delivery
    According to our market analysis, we would provide selection solutions that are matched to the local market, enhancing the value and sales of your brand.
  • Overseas Warehouse
    Because Jesun has set up overseas warehouses around the US, we has enough stock to provide better localized service.
Customize Your Product Solution
To help your brand achieve more profits, every year, Jesun will invest 10 million in R&D, including one R&D-specific trial production line, and the release of dozens of new products.
For Brand Owners
Jesun provides professional advice on the selection of series products, cost-effective products, and also products that are fit for the local market.
For Retailers
Jesun provides a series of portfolio solutions to help achieve the sales goals in target markets.
For E-commerce Sellers
Jesun has always been launching test products. On top of that, it lowers MOQ, helps design logos and provides packaging solutions, as well as copy writing, videos and pictures for online sale.
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numerous well-known brands
38 Years
9 Chinese Factories and 1 Overseas Factory
The number of Product Patents (400) Ranks 1# in the world
25 million mops are sold in more than 100 countries every year

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