Market Intelligence

In-Depth Market Analysis

When you choose JESUN, you choose a partner who understands your market inside out. With over 38 years of experience and a deep understanding of diverse markets, we help you choose the most in-demand products.

Our market analysis goes beyond the surface, exploring the complexities of markets. When it comes to understanding market conditions, we provide comprehensive competitor product evaluation, valuable advice, and sales strategies. 

Product Communication

JESUN can ensure that your messaging is strong and impactful. After all, effectively conveying your product’s unique selling proposition is the key to instantly grabbing consumers’ attention.

We excel in delivering powerful product messaging that influences your target audience. Regarding product messaging, we don’t just make your products visible; we help make them memorable to your audience.

Captivating Photography

To captivate and retain your audience, the power of visual appeal is undeniable. Visual appeal creates a lasting impression.

Our experienced photographers and videographers ensure your products are showcased in the best possible light, and every detail has been perfectly captured.

Boost Visibility with Graphic Design

Professional graphic design makes your audience stop scrolling and gain visibility. Instead of working with numerous companies, you can get stunning graphic design services from us.

We save you from the hassle and offer high-quality promotional images that match your brand’s reputation. Our team collaborates closely with your team to ensure the visuals strongly attract your target audience.

Intelligence Inspection & Quality Control

Product Design

We never compromise on quality. Our expert engineers ensure that product designs are made with premium standards from the initial stage. They take immediate measures if productivity is required to be enhanced.

This proactive approach helps us address any potential quality or safety concerns before they become issues for you. With JESUN, you don’t need to worry about product design, as it’s built with rigorous safety and customer satisfaction in mind.


JESUN taking action on quality control. Let us tell you about the process of delivering quality products.

  • Firstly, we start by selecting top-notch materials, which include plastic parts, brand steel, fabrics, packaging, and hardware. 
  • The second step includes a Quality Control (IQC) team that inspects the quality of raw materials sent from the suppliers. 
  • In-Process Quality Control (IPQC) ensures quality during production, while Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) conducts a final check for top-quality products.

Following such a detailed process of product inspection, we are confident that our products stand out for their top-class quality. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our quality inspection process reflects that dedication.

Setting New Quality Standard

At JESUN, we believe that simply maintaining high quality is not sufficient. We strive to go above and beyond by setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

If you share our passion for innovative products and are ready to embark on an exciting journey, we are here to support you every step in creating new benchmarks for product quality.

Flexible Production and Customization

Flexible Production and Customization

Distinct Customization for Strong Branding

We understand that customization is the cornerstone to making your brand stand out as unique and attractive. This is why, no matter what your expectations are, we fulfill them.

You can avail of flexible production and customization from JESUN. Allow us to create captivating personalized logos, custom product colors, or unique labels for you, which are the first steps in establishing your brand.

Perfect Packaging Solution

If you are someone who always thinks outside the box and is looking for unique customization, we are here with you on this journey. Allow us to turn your visualizations into reality.

We ensure you get the perfect packaging solution for your products according to your provided designs.

International Warehouse

Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Every business operates differently, but our top priority is ensuring client satisfaction. That’s why we offer flexible solutions for all sorts of businesses. Whether you are a start-up or ready to expand your commercial blueprint, you can trust JESUN to meet your needs with utmost care and satisfaction.

Our team ensures that every order receives the maximum attention regardless of the order quantity, we look forward to cooperating with businesses of all sizes.

Dropshipping In US

JESUN provides dropshipping services to customers targeting the USA market.

JESUN USA warehouse ensures the fastest and hassle-free delivery to clients in the e-commerce industry. Whether your business is small or large, offline or online, we cater to all businesses while maintaining the highest quality and efficiency.

After-Sales Service

JESUN provides premium after sale service

Optimizing Products Based on Feedback

We take your feedback seriously since we aim to satisfy our clients. We want you to share your ideas, thoughts, and experiences with our products. It plays a vital role in improving our products. This approach ensures that we always remain your first choice.

Post-sales Surveys

To ensure that we are with you on your path to success, we conduct post-sales surveys every quarter. This strategy helps us evaluate the performance of our partner clients. After analyzing your sales performance, we provide comprehensive market and sales plans to assist you in achieving your business goals.

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