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JESUN, is a leading manufacturer, a supplier of kitchen cleaning tools. We step in offering quality kitchen cleaning products that cater to the high standards of brands, wholesalers, retailers, and resellers.

Our extensive range of products ensures your customers always have the right tools for the housework.

Explore Our Diverse Product Lineup

JESUN is your reliable partner for kitchen cleaning products. We offer a wide range of products that can meet diverse preferences. Also, our products can help achieve a clean kitchen with minimal effort and time.

Browse our product list to check our competitive prices and attractive offers.

What Makes JESUN Different from Other Kitchen Cleaning Products


JESUN kitchen cleaning products stand out for their efficiency. They are designed to provide exceptional cleaning performance with minimal effort, making them an attractive addition to your product lineup.

Effective tools like our brushes and scrubbers ensure thorough cleaning without frequently changing tools. With just one product, improve the cleaning experience for your customers.


JESUN kitchen cleaning products are engineered for effortless usability and optimal convenience. They cater to the needs of the modern kitchen, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience.

Lightweight and compact in design, washable heads offer practicality and ease of storage, appealing to space-conscious consumers.


JESUN selection of kitchen products offers a secure and sustainable option for the health-aware and environmentally-minded market.

The use of natural, organic, or biodegradable ingredients ensures a guilt-free cleaning experience. Minimal packaging, utilizing renewable or recycled materials.

Durable kitchen brushes made from bamboo, wood, or natural fibers provide effective cleaning without contributing to plastic pollution, catering to the preference for sustainable living.


JESUN kitchen products are synonymous with durability and longevity.

Long-lasting performance means fewer replacements, saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction, positioning your brand as a purveyor of quality and reliability.

Durable Cup Brush: A Case Study of A Winning Product in Kitchen Cleaning

JESUN kitchen cleaning products are known for their high quality and performance, as proven by the market demand and customer satisfaction.

For example, one of the best-selling products of JESUN is the Durable Cup Brush, which has sold 226,400 sets in the past year. This product is made of soft TPR material, which is stretchable, durable, and environmentally friendly. It can effectively clean cups, mugs, glasses, and other kitchenware without scratching or damaging them.

The Durable Cup Brush is easy to use and store and comes in different colors and sizes to suit the preferences of customers.

Bespoke Kitchen Cleaning Solutions: Tailored for Distinction

JESUN stands at the forefront of kitchen cleaning innovation with a clear mission: to bring your unique visions to life.

Our ODM/OEM services are not merely about production; they are about breathing life into your ideas and crafting kitchen cleaning products that are not just tools but extensions of your brand’s identity.

Material selection

Based on your specifications, we can explore various materials for producing your kitchen cleaning products. We'll assess aspects like durability, weight, and aesthetics to identify the most appropriate materials that align with your vision.

Exclusive Features

Our development process is a journey towards innovation, focusing on creating features that address the specific needs and desires of your customers, ensuring that your products are not just different, but better.

Branding with Impact

From custom packaging that speaks volumes to distinctive labeling that sets you apart, we ensure that every element resonates with your audience, building a connection that goes beyond the product to foster deep brand loyalty.

Ready to redefine your
brand's cleaning standards?

Connect with JESUN for ODM/OEM solutions that exceed expectations. Reach out today, and embark on a journey to create wet floor care products that showcase the distinctiveness of your brand.


Can I customize the packaging for bulk orders?

Yes, we offer customizable packaging options for bulk orders. Custom branding and design are also available for brand owners.

Can I request specific modifications or improvements to existing product designs?

Absolutely! We accept requests for modifications or improvements to existing product designs. Our expert team collaborates closely with wholesalers to meet their unique requirements. Contact us for further inquiries.

Do you offer private labeling services for cleaning tools?

Yes, we provide private labeling services for cleaning products to upgrade your brand. These customized labels, with your brand logo and information, will create a distinct market presence.

Do you provide marketing materials or support for resellers?

Yes, marketing materials and support are available for our resellers.

How long is the lead time after placing the order?

Usually, it takes 30-35 days after the sample is confirmed. Moreover, if your order needs urgent delivery, we offer various shipping options with different price ranges for expedited shipping to the destination port.

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