Leading The Future of Cleaning Products

At the heart of JESUN smart manufacturing lies a team of 156 R&D specialists with years of experience in the cleaning products industry.

With 38 years of industry experience and 400 patents, JESUN is proud to deliver the best cleaning products to the market. Our commitment to innovation is exemplified by winning the prestigious IDEA Bronze Award in 2017.

Test Before Put to Market

JESUN takes a scientific approach to R&D by investing our time in analyzing the product industry and looking for opportunities. Once we have enough data, we will make prototypes for reviewing.

Then, we test our prototypes multiple times to measure durability, usability, and user experience. Once all assessment checkpoints are cleared, we move towards creating molds, evaluating production capacity, conduct the production part approval process.

Customer Experience Approach

JESUN R&D team places immense focus on every product to enhance user experience. Strict quality inspections through multiple quality assessment checkpoints give us the ability to create the best cleaning products in the market.

These cleaning products not only meet our customers' expectations in terms of usability but also deliver stellar cleaning results that lead to a better user experience.

Better Quality & Lower Cost

JESUN has multiple product development phases to boost product quality and cut down costs.

The cost measurement is cut down through strategic production planning and better management of resources, allowing us to deliver cost-effective cleaning products for various needs. Therefore, our customers can get the maximum benefit when selling JESUN products.

The World's Largest Production Capacity

JESUN boasts a network of eight independent factories in China, alongside an overseas layout with a factory in Cambodia.

Whether it’s a steel strap, aluminum ingot, or a pipe; a microfiber/cotton fabric or a mop pad; a tiny plastic pellet or an injection-molded part, we’ve successfully realized their in-house development and production across all of our 8+1 (overseas factory) facilities

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our vertically integrated industrial chain, where every facet of production, from raw material selection to each manufacturing step, is meticulously overseen by JESUN.

JESUN Factory-The World's Largest Production Capacity
Plastic Components manufacturing line

Smart Manufacturing of Plastic Components To Meet Diverse Needs

JESUN has an intelligent injection molding workshop with over 300 injection molding machines, which can well meet the production needs of different customers and achieve high-quality integrated injection molding.

It is worth mentioning that standard injection molding machines and medium-speed injection molding machines can produce components containing a specific proportion of PCR plastic without any functional problems.

Smart manufacturing enables our production capacity and qualification rate to surpass international basic standards. Passing drop tests is merely the most basic requirement for products manufactured by JESUN.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for Low Carbon Footprint

We care about the environment, and we know you feel the same way. That’s why our cleaning products will never make you feel guilty about hurting the planet.

At JESUN, we prioritize sustainability. Our smart manufacturing practices branch out to eco-friendly solutions, aiming to create a low-carbon and eco-friendly image for your brand.

Delivery warehouse

A Production Line to Be Proud Of

JESUN has a chain of production lines dedicated to crafting high-quality cleaning products such as spin mops, floor cleaning machines for the home, and other cleaning tools and equipment.

With a massive fleet of machinery and engineers, we produce the highest quality cleaning products. Our products also cover all aspects of household cleaning and commercial cleaning needs. We have pre-designed molds and also create molds for custom designs, allowing our clients to make the best use of our massive production line.

Redefines Industry Standards

Having an entire production chain means we can handle complete production units for our customers. We also control the manufacturing time and cost of every product that steps into our production line.

From sourcing high-quality materials to designing the final product with laser cutting technology, we empower our customers with high-quality products that set new and better industry standards.

Innovative Manufacturing Fusion Through Advanced Technology

Apart from a strong production line and a team of R&D specialists coupled with engineers, we also host rare color anodizing pools and a variety of advanced techniques to boost the production of unique cleaning products.

More material choice

Besides plastic, we produce steel, aluminum tubes, and other metal parts. We have the machinery and technique required for precision cutting and crafting steel into any shape or size that our customers desire.

This standard of production sets us apart from other manufacturers as we can control our manufacturing processes to achieve more choices and better quality.

Advancing Techniques for Timely Deliver

To boost production speeds, we have adapted advanced steel cutting and bending techniques that lower the cost of molds. Our smart manufacturing techniques, like the extrusion process, allow us to produce high-quality cleaning products in a shorter time.

JESUN emphasizes timely delivery. Hence, we update our machinery to the latest trends, enabling us to meet your production demand and capacity within your deadline.

Experience the JESUN Customization

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