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  • 3 in 1 Electric Cordless Spin Mop(JCC005)

    Model No.: JCC005
    Mop Size:38x19x120cm
    Weight: 4.7kg
    Water vol.
    Water tank: 1500ml
    Spray tank: 300ml
    X tank: 150ml
    Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
    Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
    Charging Time: 3.5h
    Working time: 35min
    Material: PP +Aluminum+Microfiber
    Charger: 100-240V,0.5A
    Main engine: 12.6V,950mA
    Packaging: Mailbox:53.2×27.8×24.5cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Automatic Sensor Smart Hang Dustbin(JCT002-A)

    Model No.: JCT002-A
    Dimension: 243x281x399mm
    Material: PP+ABS
    Battery Type: AA alkaline battery
    Weight: 1.69kg
    Capacity: 10L
    Battery Specification: 4 batteries
    Packaging: 1pcs/box
    Box size: 33×29.3×43.7cm 1680/40HQ
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Bathroom Cleaning Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush(FSZ0030)

    Model no.: FSZ0030
    Size: 11×42.8cm
    Weight: 0.23kg
    Material: PP
    Color: Customized available
    Packaging: 1pc/color card or Customized available
    Mailbox: 15x15x22cm
    Carton Size: 47x47x43cm 18 pcs/carton

  • Cleaning Tools Combination Sales

    Pole extension length: 124.5cm
    Triangle brush head: 12 x 18cm
    Grey microfibe duster length: 58.5cm
    squeegee head : 35.5cm/31cm
    Mop head: 39.5 x 9cm/40 x 12cm
    Brush head: 30 x 8cm/30 x 3.5cm
    White microfibe duster length: 51cm
    Material: PP/Steel/Microfiber/Aluminum/TPR
    Packaging: Mailbox:44 x 11 x 6cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Dish Brush Set, Sourcing Pad and Microfiber Towel Cleaning Products (FT-06+Brush set)

    Model No.: FT-06+Brush set
    Bucket expand size: 42.5x23x20cm
    Bucket folded size: 42.5x23x8cm
    Microfiber towel size: 30x30cm
    Scouring pad size: 80×5.5x3cm
    Brush set size: Brush 1 16x9x10 cm / Brush 2 24×6.5×6 cm/ Brush 3 24x7x5.5 cm
    Material: PP+TPR
    Configuration: Bucketx1, Brushx3, Scouring padx4, Microfiber towel x2
    Weight: Bucket N.W.:1.1 kg
    Water vol.: 66.5x31x38CM
    Packaging: Mailbox size: 27x51x10cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Electric Cup Brush Set(JCS001)

    Model No.: JCS001
    Dimension: 16×11.2×4.3cm
    Weight: 0.3kg
    Material: PP+TPR
    Battery Capacity: 800mAh
    Charging Time: 150 mins
    Working Time: 70 mins
    Charger: 5V,1A
    Wire Length: 1m
    Packaging: Mailbox:24.2x19x5.1cm
    48 pcs/carton:50.4x60x42.8cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Foldable Bucktet(FT-06)

    Model No.: FT-06
    Dimension: Bucket expand size: 42.5x23x20cm
    Bucket folded size: 42.5x23x8cm
    Material: PP+TPR
    Weight: 0.645kg
    Packaging: Mailbox size: 45x25x9cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Hands-Free Squeezee Flat Mop With Foldable Bucktet Cleaning Set(FT-08+Mop)

    Model No.: FT-08+Mop
    Bucket Dimension: 49.9x27x20cm
    Bucket Dimension (folded): 49.9x27x8cm
    Mop Dimension: 130x36x11cm
    Material: Floor brush:TPR+PP+iron, Window cleaner:aluminum poles+TPR, window wipe
    Configuration: Microfiber cloth PP+ABS
    Weight: 64.5×14.3x12CM
    Water vol.: 66.5x31x38CM
    Color: Customized available
    Packaging: Mailbox size: 27x51x10cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Household Long Handle Bath Electric Rotating Bathroom Wash Floor Toilet Cleaning Brush(YE-02)

    Model No.: YE-02
    Dimension: 7x7x(83.5-115.5)cm
    Material: PP/Alu.
    Weight: 1.5kg
    Using Time: 90 min
    Color: Customized Available
    Packaging: 1pc/color card or Customized available
    Carton Size:56x23x50cm 6 pcs/carton
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Multifuction UV Sterilizer Disinfection Box(ALE016)

    Model No.: ALE016
    Dimension: 20.2x17x16.4cm
    Weight: 1.1kg
    Material: PP,ABS
    Battery capacity: 1500mAh
    Rated power: 6W
    Packaging Mailbox:23.5x21x19.5cm
    12 pcs/carton:40×66.5x42cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Multipurpose Floor Sweeper with Spray(JCD006-FP20)

    Model No.: JCD006-FP20
    Dimension: 27x17x106cm
    Weight: 0.96kg
    Material: PP +Aluminum
    Trash can vol.: 350ml
    Water bottle vol.: 380ml
    Battery capacity: 2000mAh
    Charging time: 2-3h
    Working time: 90min
    Charger: 100-240V,50/60HZ
    Main engine: DC 5V,1A
    Packaging: Mailbox:54x27x8.5cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • New Handheld Wireless Cordless Electric Automatic Smart Mop(JCC003)

    Model No.: JCC003
    Dimension: 120.8 x40 x 22.5cm
    Weight: 2.64kg
    Material: PP +Aluminum+Microfiber
    Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
    Configuration: Polex1, Body x1, Handlex1, Matching Cloth x2, USB Cable x1, Bucket x1, Specification x1
    Charging Time: 5 hours
    Working Hours: 40 mins
    Packaging: Mailbox:57.5×23.5x20cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Portable Folding Bucket(Round)(TF-01)

    Model No.: TF-01
    bucket expand size: 33.5×33.5×22.5cm
    bucket folded size: 33.5×33.5×6.5cm
    Weight: 0.8kg
    Material: PP, TPR
    Packaging: Mailbox:34x34x7cm
    12pcs/carton: 35x69x46.5cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Portable Folding Bucket(Square)(TF-02)

    Model No.: TF-02
    bucket expand size: 29.5x24x29.5cm
    bucket folded size: 32.5×30.5×6.5cm
    Weight: 0.91kg
    Material: PP, TPR
    Packaging: Mailbox:33×31.5x7cm
    12pcs/carton: 34x63x46.5cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Smart Dustbin(JCT008-A)

    Model No.: JCT008-A
    Product Dimensions: 32.5×18.5×34.6cm
    Internal Capacity: 10L
    Net Weight: 1.36KG
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Spray Bottle ,Window Squeegee and Microfiber Towel Cleaning Products(FT-06+Spray Bottle Set)

    Model No.: FT-06+Spray Bottle Set
    Dimension: bucket expand size: 42.5x23x20cm, bucket folded size: 42.5x23x8cm, towel size: 30x30cm, window squeegee total length: 135cm, window squeegee wipe length: 25cm
    Material: Bucket material: PP+TPR, Window cleaner: Aluminum poles+TPR window wipe
    Configuration: Bucketx1, Spray bottlex1, Window squeegeex1, Microfiber towel x2
    Weight: Bucket N.W.:1.1 kg
    Spray bottle weight: 0.094kg
    Window squeegee weight: 0.33kg
    Water vol.: spray bottle capacity: 180ml
    Color: PP
    Packaging: Mailbox size: 27x51x10cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Storage Holder Plasticl Mop Rack(GM-0840)

    Model No.: GM-0840
    Dimension: 40cmx6cm
    Material: PP/Alu.
    Color: Black or white
    Packaging: Mailbox:42×6.5x6cm
    36pcs/ctn: 44x40x37cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Telescopic Window Squeegee(ALB05)

    Model No.: ALB05
    Dimension: 30.2x25x12.8cm
    Weight: 0.7kg
    Material: Aluminium Pole, PP
    Color: White and Blue
    Packaging: Mailbox: 52.5u00D715u00D75.5cm
    12 pcs/carton: 53x47x26cm<br>OEM/ODM: Acceptable<br>

  • Water Mist Plastic Spray Bottle(AFA)

    Model No.: AFA
    Dimension: 25×5.3×5.3cm
    Material: PP
    Weight: 0.13kg
    Water vol.: 300ml
    Packaging: Mailbox: 9x7x27 cm
    Package Type: 20pcs/ctn: 33.6×28.6×46.2cm
    OEM/ODM Acceptable

  • Wireless Electric Floor Cleaner Spin Mop(JCC001)

    Model No.: JCC001
    Material: PP +Aluminum+Microfiber pads
    Configuration: pole assembly x4, body x1, matching cloth x2, charger x1, measuring cup x1, rod removal needle x1
    Weight: 3.71kg
    Water vol.: 200ml
    Power.: 36w
    Battery capacity.: 2500mAh
    Charging time: about 4 hours
    Package: 4pcs/carton Carton
    size: 48.9×45.2×39.3cm
    Dimension: 1330 x420 x 200mm

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