What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Cleaning Kit?
How about your daily cleaning? Have you bought a lot of cleaning tools and put them in every corner of your house? And after using this cleaning products, you have to consider the storage problem. A freely combined household cleaning kit can solve all problem.
What is the cleaning kit
The Cleaning kit is a kit that can be freely combined according to your needs. Foldable bucket as a container, A multi-functional pole can perfectly match different heads like mop head, squeegee head, duster head and so on. As long as the pole is assembled with a suitable head when cleaning, it is a complete cleaning tool. After cleaning, you can wash these tools in the bucket and you can store them in it after drying.
What are the benefits of buying a cleaning kit?
First, save space and easy storage. The cleaning bucket could be folded, although it can hold more than 20L water, a folded bucket only has 8cm height. It can be stored in the cabinet or under the furniture. It can be placed in any narrow place.
Second, easy to use. The installation of multi-function pole with different heads is very easy, and the pole can also be adjusted in length according to requirements. You can clean whole house with only one pole, just need to change the head.
Last one, cost-effective. Compared to buying a bunch of cleaning tools for different purposes, this freely combined set is more cost-effective.