JESUN:How Do We Guarantee The Quality Of Our Product Through Employees
Technology is developing rapidly now, in addition to the company must quickly adapt to the changing environment;  The same is true of the company’s employees.  In order to enable employees to work better, companies should know exactly what skills employees already have and what abilities they lack.  With this information, they can organize training and workshops to fill gaps in knowledge and skills.
Give Employees A Test
This is a very traditional and effective way of assessing technical and theoretical knowledge.  The company will organize employees to conduct regular assessment of product knowledge every year. Our experience over the years has shown that this is a very useful way for companies to keep track of their employees’ professional skills.
Regular Staff Training
Quality consciousness has become the consensus of all employees.  In order to continue to form the good atmosphere of participation of quality management activities, encourage employees to participate in technical innovation and technical innovation, continue to post personnel training, through continuous training, repeated measures of the education, the development quality month activity, will be excellent quality consciousness consciously into concrete action, implementation of every link in the production process management, to ensure product quality.
safety management of the fire control 
The company specially organized and formed a safety management team, responsible for the staff fire safety education, training, and other work.  At the same time, the equipment department is responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of fire facilities, and cooperate with the management department to carry out fire education, training and drills.  From each department, each factory, to each workshop staff implement a level-by-level preventive responsibility system.

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