Design Ideas Of Three Different Types Of Squeeze Mop
You may be putting off tasks because of your busy schedule, which will leads to the condition of the house to decline.Which, then, would you do? The squeeze mop are here will save you. Thanks to the genius of these inventions, the cleaning of our house has been simplified, so that the tools can easily reach every corner of the house.  So, let’s take a look at the ingenuity of our product design to improve the performance of the squeeze mop!
1.Improve the use of microfiber cloth
The first thing you need to consider when buying a mop is how much cleaning power it has. The more powerful your mop, the easier it will be to clean up spills on hard surfaces like tiles or floors.Among cleaning products, the most widely used is microfiber wipes.
Why do microfiber wipes have such powerful functions?
This is actually determined by its material. Ultra-fine fibers are also called micro-fibers. Generally, fibers with a fineness of 5 microns in diameter or less are called ultra-fine fibers. The composition of superfine fiber is mainly composed of polyester and cotton. In China, it is generally 80% polyester, 20% nylon, and polyester. Each filament of superfine fiber is only 1/200th of hair, and it can absorb dust, particles and liquid 7 times its own weight, and has super cleaning ability.
The advantages of microfiber
A.If used properly, a high-quality microfiber cloth will last longer than a cheap cloth. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the mop, our mop cloth is made of super fiber cloth.
B.Using microfiber is a very effective cleaning process that leaves surfaces looking much cleaner than they did before. In fact, some studies suggest that microfiber cloths may even leave surfaces cleaner than those cleaned by cloth.
2.Provide small accessories to assist cleaning
When it comes to cleaning the floor, there are always a lot of distress. For example, there are often debris, dust, hair and other enemies on the ground that hinder you from mopping the floor smoothly. They prevent you from completing all the work quickly. At this time, you need to pay attention to whether your mop has accessories. Good accessories can be used to clean hard-to-reach places. Intimate merchants will be equipped with a small brush, which is very convenient to use and easy to store.
3.Squeeze mop with bucket
It is undeniable that mopping the floor is the most tiring and time-consuming housework. Earlier, people had no choice but to mop the floor with their hands. But now the situation has changed. There are all kinds of mopping equipment on the market that can prevent people from hurting their hands or bending when mopping the floor. This floor cleaning mop includes a cleaning bucket, retractable handle and wringer to squeeze dirty water out of the mop. your tedious mopping work can become a simple and trouble-free experience.

FAQ About Our squeeze Mop

How to perform routine maintenance?
1.,Do not store the wet mop in the bucket for a long time.
2.Replace the mop head fittings regularly.
How do you use the squeeze mop?
There are many different types of squeeze mops on the market. For mops without buckets, press the handle located above the sponge area or the lever or slide bar near the handle. When you press, a mechanical device on the sponge squeezes the sponge, folds or rolls it, and squeezes the excess water back into the bucket.If it is a mop with a bucket, place the mop vertically and press the mop firmly, the built-in device in the bucket will automatically dehydrate, and the dirty water will collect in the bucket.
Will the microfiber cloth become moldy?
Regular cleaning and drying of the cloth will not cause yellowing. Generally, the mop cloth can be washed and dried in the washing machine after being used more than 5 times, and can be reused thousands of times.

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