Research & Design
R&D Capabilities
Invention Patents
International Patents
JESUN ranks first in the world in terms of the number of patents in the field of cleaning products. So far, we have more than 400 patents, including over 10 invention patents and over 50 international patents.
In 2017, we have won the IDEA Bronze Award.
R&D Management Process
JESUN takes a scientific approach in the R&D management process: In order to maximize benefits, we would first conduct market analysis, and then design and produce prototypes to prove the validity of our ideas. After assessing the feasibility for 2 to 3 times, we set out to make mould, and then put them into trial production. All of these processes are market-oriented.
R&D Team
Jesun has a R&D team of 156 members. All team members have at least bachelor's degrees and many years of R&D experience in the cleaning industry.
Besides, JESUN has also set up a test production line specially used for R&D.
Patent R&D Story
IDEA Bronze Award
In 2010, JESUN invented a revolutionary product- spin mop. Its highlight is that the bucket can not only wash the mop but also dehydrate it quickly and automatically. As a result, this clever design brings great convenience to users. Meanwhile, the integrated bucket can save the space of containers, making the delivery cost-effective.

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