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New Retail + Industrial Internet,jackson Travel Develops Its Own Home Shopping App "Xiushui Yang Yang"

Other Jul 01, 2020

"Xiushui yangyang " is an e-commerce APP operated by Zhejiang Jiaxing Jackson Digital Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.Main household cleaning products, characteristic cultural and creative products, travel products and health products.

In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic have a significant impact on the world economy and people's lives, and consumers' consumption patterns also change, including an increase in the proportion of online consumption, and more contactless consumption and services.These changes have promoted the further transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as manufacturing and retail, and industries such as home furnishing, cleaning, and tourism have also been directly affected.

Let customers have a better shopping experience

APP has a mature and strong production chain as the backing support.Our main products are cleaning tools, detergents, travel supplies, and cultural and creative products with local characteristics, such as crafts wood carvings and other works of art.

The starting point of the app is users and distributors.For products, no matter its design, research and development, or innovation, APP is based on consumers to improve products and services, so as to make sanitary ware products more and more high-quality. As a platform, from the user's point of view, according to the user's needs and habits, make the product more in line with the habits of consumers.Whether in terms of their own products or service quality, good product experience and quality service guarantee can win the favor of users.

We have been pursuing the intention and persistence of creating a better Internet e-commerce service scene with ingenuity.To create a perfect, stable and innovative APP mode will lead the home furnishing market to make a greater breakthrough.

APP will further establish industry standards, guide industry trends, and become the "leader" of industrial upgrading.To provide a large number of consumers with high-quality, affordable, convenient and high-value products, for people’s life to provide a cleaner, comfortable, healthy environment.